Our country is a great destination for all type of travelers, is ideal for family and friends trips, romantic escapes, specialty travelers as bird lovers or photographs went wild with the diversity ecosystem, or even to travel solo because is very safe and local are extremely welcoming. Visitors can find a vast gastronomy offer with the highest standards and of course lots of traditional delicious food.

Costa Rica map
Costa Rica map

Costa Rica is located in Central America. The country is linked to North America and South America. Due to its location, bordering Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south, the warm weather prevails. However, there are various microclimates that can be  found throughout the country. According to the last national census from the Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censos (National Institute of Statistics and Census -INEC), the population in Costa Rica is about 4,652,458 citizens, from which, 2,351,032 are men and 2,301,426 are women, with a level of life satisfaction of 8.5 –according to the Gallup World Poll.

The country is divided into seven provinces (San Jose –it is capital city; Alajuela, Cartago, Heredia, Puntarenas, Guanacaste, and Limon), 81 counties, and 463 districts –in 51,100 square kilometers (19,730 square miles), which is the country size. It is a democratic, free and independent Republic. Most of the population is Catholic, but it offers freedom of religion. Its official currency is the “colón” and Spanish is the native language.

One of the most significant and well-known characteristics of the country is the abolishment of the army –which was removed on December 1st, 1948 by former president José Figueres-Ferrer. On that date, peace became one of the significant features of Costa Rica, thus distinguishing it from the rest of the Central American countries that share that method of defense.

Costa Rica has a number of national symbols that represent Costa Ricans and their traditions. One of the most important symbols of Costa Rica include the National Anthem, the Coat of Arms in the Republic of Costa Rica, the National Flag, the White-tail Deer, the Guaria Morada (Guarianthe skinneri, a purple orchid), the Marimba, the Oxcart, the Yigüirro, the Guanacaste Tree.

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