Adventure Cruises

Travel is inspiring… the places, the people you meet, the shared experiences, the attentive, personalized service of the crew and the unparalleled access and ambience aboard our boutique yachts, expedition vessels, and replica coastal steamer.

Each vessel has its own unique personality, but all share a universal goal, and with you in mind—to relax and be comfortable. Designed to bring the outside in, they come alive with art and artifacts from the places we travel. The ambience is welcoming and casual.

Explore Panamá’s vast Darién Jungle, snorkel Guna Yala’s (formerly San Blas) Eden-like islands, discover Native customs, and watch for humpback whales; or hike Costa Rican jungle as macaws, sloths, and monkeys keep watch, kayak and skiff secluded mangrove forests, and count the many species of hummingbirds you see. And transit the 48-mile Panamá Canal!