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While each of our guides have unique talents and knowledge and each is naturally the kind of person we enjoy spending time with, for your comfort and safety there are a number of key professional credentials that they have in common;

All are native Spanish speakers who are fluent in English All have completed the Costa Rica Institute of Tourism’s training course and been certified as a guide. All attend our annual two day in-house training program. The objective is to maintain the safety of our clients (we provide first aid refresher courses, sessions on adventure tour equipment, etc), and from there it’s on to volcanology, botany and other natural history specialties. Last year we brought in a professional photographer to train our guides on ways to help our guests bring home higher quality photos!

We require our drivers to have basic English language proficiency and a minimum of 5 years driving experience, though typically they have between 10 and 15 years. By law they must possess a valid C-2 license authorizing them to provide public transport.

Alex Arias – Adventure Specialist

Alex Arias
Alex Arias

Alex is a passionate outdoorsman and has led nature tours for nearly 15 years all over Costa Rica. His specialty is leading adventure tours: mountain biking, kayaking, fishing, canyoning and rappelling. He has competed with adventure teams in Mexico, Nicaragua and Panama, and has led friends up to the peak of Chirripo-the highest peak in Costa Rica-several times. Families with children love him for his enthusiasm and caring personality! We are proud to have such an active and passionate tour leader on our team!

Marco Fallas – Ecotourism Specialist

Marco Fallas
Marco Fallas

Marco’s friends call him “Tex”, and he is full of energy and has a contagious sense of humor. With over 20 years of experience in the tourism field in Costa Rica, Marco knows his home country well. Combined with his vast experience in the field, Marco continues to study about Costa Rica and in the off-season he has taken many courses including studies in ornithology, ecology, history etc., and recently nature photography.   His travels in the United States include the Grand Tetons, Minnesota, Sedona, and Michigan, and this has helped him to better understand temperate climate ecology and the USA culture.   With his ready laugh and caring manner, it is no wonder Marco is one of our most popular tour leaders!

Jimmy Tosso – Ecotourism Specialist

Jimmy Tosso

Jimmy has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Latin America, and through this he has acquired a strong understanding of other cultures.  In addition he is fluent in English, Italian, French and his native Spanish. Jimmy is a perfectionist and always “two steps” ahead during his travels with guests.  He has an exceptional sense of humor and an excellent and cultured manner of explaining interesting information to his guests. He has led guests of many different nationalities and is truly one of the top Costa Rican tour leaders.  Guests traveling with Jimmy have often stated their tours with him end too soon!

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