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Costa Rica Sun Tours & Costa Rica Connection Sustainable Practices

CSTAs a leading operator of nature and outdoor adventure tours, we at Costa Rica Sun Tours feel it is our responsibility to establish procedures in our office, in our homes and on our tours with our guests that help protect our natural environments, promote sustainable practices and set an example that others should emulate. The following text illustrates some of our practices.

In our travel information given to all our guests, we establish guidelines that we feel they should be practice while on tour in Costa Rica. Such guidelines include recommendations to: respect local cultures, avoid buying souvenirs made from endangered trees, and avoid using disposable plastic water bottles, among others.

For the past three years Costa Rica Sun Tours has been planting trees to compensate for greenhouse gases emitted by our activities. We participated in a Climate Change Action program in conjunction with Control Union Certification to help determine what our business’s greenhouse emissions were, in order to be able to try to neutralize or at least reduce these by planting trees. Our office staff participated in the tree planting.

In order to minimize our carbon footprint, our office personnel participated in a workshop given by Rainforest Alliance. The workshop topic was on Sustainable Practices that can and should be implemented both at home, in the office and the field.

We try to reduce paper waste by minimizing printing and reusing the blank back sides of printed material for in-office use. For several years now we have been recycling our office papers and now have expanded this practice to include materials from our staff’s homes. As many communities in the country do not offer recycling, our office now has a program where employees can bring in items to be recycled from home. These items are picked up together with recycled office material which our community within the Municipality of San Jose does recycle.

To reduce our office water consumption, we recently installed a rainwater collection system. This collected rainwater is used to wash our company’s tour vehicles and to water grass and plants in the garden.

We will continue to search for other ways we can reduce negative impacts on our environment and promote sustainable practices.

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